TeknoDida 1995–2015


13.00 Tervetuloa
Rehtori Kaisa Väyrynen, Oriveden Opisto; lehtori Matti Ruippo, TAMK
13.15 Low Latency -hanke
Matti Ruippo

13.45 The Effectiveness of LOLA Technology for Music Education, Rehearsal and Performance.
Gill Davies.
Comments by Alan Cameron, Education Officer, Dumfries & Galloway Council, Scotland

Can musicians play together effectively in real-time over distances in sound and vision? This basic question motivated my research. For over 15 years, audiovisual streaming technologies have facilitated masterclasses and rehearsals over distances, but have not been appropriate for distributed musicians to play together in real-time due to inherent latencies. The LOLA (Low Latency) audiovisual streaming technology, developed in Italy since 2005, attempts to overcome this problem. Can the LOLA technology be used effectively for distributed music rehearsals, masterclasses and performances? How do musicians and audiences perceive the presentation of distributed music performances using LOLA? My research has focused on a series of case studies trialling the LOLA technology with musicians from classical and jazz genres including combinations of instruments and musical groupings.

14.30 Kahvi

15.00 Innovative Digitally-enhanced Pedagogy for the Performing Arts: A Case Story from Hong Kong.
Professori Samuel Leong, Deputy Director (Academic Programmes and Educational Innovation), Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

16.15 iPad as the Complete Mini Studio
Joe Moretti
Apple Distinguished Educator
An overview of the applications and hardware available for iPad to create music. From midi sequencers to audio interfaces this presentation offers a comprehensive guide to all aspects of creating, editing and making music on iPad.

17.15 Päivällinen

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